FAQ - Auto Body, Collision Repair and Paint

How much does Paint or Body work cost?

We know some auto body shops in Sacramento offer pricing for complete paint jobs in their TV commercials or internet marketing, but we have a different philosophy. Every car is unique and so is every car owners taste, therefore the only way to get a real estimate for body and paint work, is to bring in your vehicle for a complete auto body and paint estimate.  Our estimates for auto body and paint are always free, so schedule your appointment today.


Do you offer Collision Repair?

Yes, our Sacramento Collision repair center has new collision repair equipment and tooling, ready for your modern collision repair needs.


Do you offer Collision Repair on classic vehicles or muscle cars?

Yes, we have the tools and knowledge to bring your classics and muscle cars back to its original or custom finish. 


Do you offer paint services on aftermarket spoilers, body kits and wings?

Yes, we can factory match your ground effects, spoilers or other factory or aftermarket parts and accessories to match your vehicle. 


How long does it take?

Collision repair can take 24 hours up to several weeks depending on the severity of the accident and damage.  Most minor collision repairs are done in just a couple days so we can get you back on the road again quickly.

Complete restoration projects on classic vehicles can take 2 or more months depending on the scope of the project.  We can give you a fairly good idea of timeframe during our free estimate process.


Do you take insurance?

Yes!  We can help you work with your insurance company to help pay for your collision repair.  Our goal is to work on your behalf to get you quality repairs, quality parts and back on the road quickly with a collision repair that you can trust for the life of your vehicle.


Do you offer deductable assistance?

In some cases we can help with your insurance deductable.  We will work with each customer to get you the assistance you need to get the job done correctly and professionally. We don't shortcut quality or materials to lure you into our shop, we will however, offer you a competitive price and earn your business with our quality and superior materials.