Collision Repair Insurance Rights

Protect Your Rights!

When you get in an accident you should know that you have the Right to Choose your collision repair shop.  You don't need to go to the shop the Insurance company "suggests"!

Most Insurance Companies have developed “Networks” of Body Shops that work directly for the insurance company.  These body shops must use the insurance companies precedures and policies, which could include aftermarket parts, discounted materials and labor and other potentially problematic solutions to repair your vehicle.

In several cases, you can get a better quality finish, use better parts and have a better overall collision repair for your car by using professional independent collision repair shops.  At California Collision & Customs, we work for you, the customer, not the insurance company. 

We believe in providing excellent service, high-quality repairs, and holding the  Insurance Company accountable for the require repairs needed to your vehicle.

Protect your rights and allow a collision repair facility like California Collision & Customs to work on your behalf!